Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ron Paul distortions and smears

This story is absolutely beautiful. However, the author's presumption that although "outright distortions and smears are ... completely misleading and, in another respect, outright false ... in both cases, I assume the error is unintentional," is not a presumption I'm remotely prepared to grant. The intellectually deft legislative tactic described therein is employed by Dr. Paul often and, I believe, always fully explained.

The most disturbing take-away here is that the attack is repeatedly used with virtual impunity (generally by individuals who, far more often than not, have arguably far greater -- and more powerful -- enemies to be concerned with than the good doctor -- assuming their politics are as advertised, of course -- and really no excuse for not being fully cognizant of that). Somebody has to be that intentionally dishonest, and/or that intentionally ignorant, after all: those repeatedly telling the lies, or those repeatedly accepting them as accurately representative. (This piece hit a particularly raw nerve this morning as I've seen "disgusting" examples -- a barrage, in fact -- on a local list in just the past 24 hrs. Yes, I expect you to do your own research if you're that curious... };-> )

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