Thursday, January 26, 2012

NH Again Reconsiders Making Money Off NOT Harming Citizens

I've presented my thoughts on our unconstitutional neo-prohibition (in this case of the plant known as marijuana) multiple times in the past. So just to get to it this time, following is the NH House hearing on the first of a veritable phalanx of related legislative bills this session to return some semblance of self-ownership to NH residents, HB1705-FN-A, "allowing purchase and use of marijuana by adults, regulating the purchase and use of marijuana, and imposing taxes on the wholesale and retail sale of marijuana," before the NH House Criminal Justice Committee, 1/25/2012.

With all due respect to my own wonderful Reps, bill sponsors Cal Pratt and Mark Warden, still, as you'll hear, a horror show of nitpicking state regulations and control, but -- sad commentary -- better than what NH currently endures. Personally, I'd prefer liberty, but treating pot like alcohol would be a huge improvement. And if we still can't get that, then this bill is at least a start...

But first, Richard Van Wickler, Superintendent of the Cheshire County Dept. of Corrections, and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition speaks rational truth to power. Again. Governor Lynch, are you listening this time? Or does the fact that you're (finally) not running again obviate any obligation to respond to the demonstrated wishes of your employers? You finally find a spine, and it's to preserve barbarity? Really...?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Honor System Site Blackout

This site is (yes, lazily) participating in the SOPA protest today. Please click here, and come back tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ron Paul Pre-Primary Fun

Ron Paul and cavalry and lasers and Vermin and missing Newts. Another typical NH primary lead-up weekend, January 2012. had fun, too...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The NH AG Has Been Served

NH state Representatives Laurence Rappaport, Carol Vita and Lucien Vita, and taxpayer Mark Rossetti, et al, deliver an affidavit to the NH Attorney General's office regarding ongoing allegations of election fraud, followed by a press conference, 1/3/2012.