Monday, May 26, 2008

Outlaw Puppeteer: 3rd Time's a Charm?

Dave Ridley again attempts the downfall of western civilization, now including enlisting the help of the vulnerable homeless in his dastardly crimes. Wanna guess...? 5/25/2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HB1582 fires the first shot in the NH House

Ahh, memories. I can't remember if this video had been isolated before, but figured it should be done. This is the House floor debate on HB1582, "prohibiting New Hampshire from participating in a national identification card system," NH's first (ultimately failed, but nevertheless glorious) attempt to opt out of REAL ID, from the afternoon session of 3/8/2006.

It had come out of the House Transportation Committee with a 12-1 ITL (the always euphemistic "Inexpedient To Legislate") recommendation, and was placed on the Consent Calendar (meaning no opposition was expected). Rep. Dickinson removed it from the Consent Calendar (it requires only one sufficiently unaccommodating rep). Rep. Kurk (at 1 min) channeled Patrick Henry. Rep. Giuda (at 13 min) was eloquent. The feeble and submissive arguments against the bill essentially came down to if the feds order it, we just need to bend over and smile, because they're the boss of us. The ITL recommendation was correctly and soundly rejected on a roll call vote of 84-217, and the subsequent OTP ("Ought To Pass") motion was approved by simple voice vote.

The Senate's Public and Municipal Affairs Committee got it next, and actually recommended OTP. But then (queue "Vader" theme), US Sen. Judd Gregg and US Rep. Jeb Bradley both saw fit to interfere with state politics by backdoor, backroom, stealth lobbying of the State Senate, against the demonstrated will of their shared constituents (that's "NH voters," for the, um... central-planning federalist politicians in the audience -- damnit, I'm so sick of these "Royal Governors from D.C."...). 'Course, to their undying ignominy, the Senate did consciously and resolutely choose to side with the Crown over their Constitutional sovereigns.

I mention this largely because if ya haven't heard -- and I just saw his first commercial last night -- ol' Jeb wants to "represent" NH citizens again. If you're in NH's 1st Congressional District, may I strongly recommend John Stephen instead, for both the GOP nomination and the general election.

Anyway, great masses of Praetorian fecal matter interacting with rotary gas transfer equipment ensued, and HB1582 eventually died a painful but very loud death.

Of course, 2007 eventually saw successful passage through a now-resigned (but hardly contrite) Senate of HB1582's successor, HB685, although not without its own share of political machinations.