Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eyes on New Hampshire: Giuliani On The Patriot Act

"... Welcome to Bush III, just with a different last name. Has the candidate forgotten the official (since 1945) motto of New Hampshire? Reminder: it's Live Free or Die. ... His position is in stark contrast to that of Libertarian Republican candidate Ron Paul, whose political rhetoric more closely matches that New Englander stay-out-of-my-business philosophy ..."

Yes, of course that's me in the comments... };->

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to make sense of the Ron Paul revolution

"... Ron Paul may lose next year's battle -- though not without a memorable fight -- but the laissez-faire agitators he has helped energize will find themselves at the leading edge of American politics and culture for years to come."

Precisely. Ask any Free Stater. And Vive La Revolution! Wow. Just... wow...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Musical gifts: Real or fake music?

With the holidays fast approaching, I'd offer that this is a great question to ponder (didja see the "South Park" episode? Heh-heh-heh...). Dispel any unfair pre- and misconceptions you may harbor, settle in, get laid back, and have a listen to some Jake or James or the UOGB or some slightly more casual players around NYC, or some of the more local scene around Boston, and then consider a good homeschooled music education (although ukes are huge in Canadian and British public schools), regardless of the student's age.

And can you imagine the peaceful "Free State 'Ukulele Orchestra" on the NH State House steps, or at Murphy's, or outside the Manchester Post Office on tax day, or..., maybe with a kazoo chorus? "Don't be afraid. We're a threat only to your mind..." Hey, I wouldn't leave ya hangin'. Some resources here. Aloha, dude. };->

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ron Paul Christmas Lights Sign

Ron Paul 2x4 yard sign: Free from campaign HQ
Hardware and strapping: Pennies
LED Christmas lights: ~$40
Ron Paul Christmas Sign: Priceless
Just sendin' it out there...
(Oh, yeah, and it's portable. Look for it in a pickup truck bed near you... };-> )

Thursday, November 15, 2007

American Daily Distorts Truth About Ron Paul

Another fine retort to JB Williams' hit piece on the good doctor. And here's possibly the most salient point to consider, IMHO. One that's continuously missed or ignored when it comes to referencing Dondero's virulent, off-the-rails RP rantings. One that really seems ought to result in charges, or something...
"Williams fails to mention (or doesn't bother to mention) that his main source, Eric Dondero, is challenging for Paul's seat in the upcoming Congressional Republican primary in Paul's Texas district in 2008 and therefore has a politically motivated reason for going negative on Paul. Can you say, 'hidden agenda'?"

But then, how can anyone who considers -- or even accepts as a nominally intellectually debatable proposition -- that "Benito" Giuliani (merely "America's Janitor" on 9/11, but now "World Police" aspirant -- not completely unlike the career path of his former driver, now that I think of it...) is the libertarian's best principled choice be taken even remotely seriously, anyway...?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Re: Why the Ron Paul Campaign is Dangerous

An analysis of and rebuttal to the flailing JB Williams hit piece on GOP presidential candidate, Rep. Dr. Ron Paul; from the tech community.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ron Paul distortions and smears

This story is absolutely beautiful. However, the author's presumption that although "outright distortions and smears are ... completely misleading and, in another respect, outright false ... in both cases, I assume the error is unintentional," is not a presumption I'm remotely prepared to grant. The intellectually deft legislative tactic described therein is employed by Dr. Paul often and, I believe, always fully explained.

The most disturbing take-away here is that the attack is repeatedly used with virtual impunity (generally by individuals who, far more often than not, have arguably far greater -- and more powerful -- enemies to be concerned with than the good doctor -- assuming their politics are as advertised, of course -- and really no excuse for not being fully cognizant of that). Somebody has to be that intentionally dishonest, and/or that intentionally ignorant, after all: those repeatedly telling the lies, or those repeatedly accepting them as accurately representative. (This piece hit a particularly raw nerve this morning as I've seen "disgusting" examples -- a barrage, in fact -- on a local list in just the past 24 hrs. Yes, I expect you to do your own research if you're that curious... };-> )

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Understanding the NH Constitution"

With NH Liberty Alliance Political Director, NH Rep. Dan Itse, in 3 parts.
Presented by the NH Liberty Alliance on 11/10/07.

To obtain a CD of the document referenced at the beginning of Part 1, "The People's Liberty," contact Rep Itse. Voluntary contributions toward his scholarly efforts are greatly appreciated.

Part 1 (~0:50)

Part 2 (~0:50)

Part 3 (~1:10)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A NH State House Morning with the NHLA

The NH Liberty Alliance is the premier nonpartisan liberty advocacy organization on the NH political scene. This is my first attempt at documenting a slice of the activities of this still young, but very committed and increasingly influential group. (Yes, I'm an active member. How 'bout you...?) This video is from an NHLA activist training session, including observing what's known as a House Committee Executive Session, so there's no public testimony. Just silent but (as you can tell by one comment by the Committee Chair) effective watchdogging.

Now for the content. Arbitrarily and conveniently enough for them, there are currently only 2 state-recognized political parties in NH. This morning's Executive Session delayed (yes, perhaps for arguably valid concerns, but why is election law such a mess in the first place?) putting us one step closer to opening that process up to more political philosophies. Hell, the Iraqis had the equivalent of something like 120 parties on their ballot -- seriously! Is the average NH citizen really that much denser than the average Iraqi? Are you? It's certainly not over yet: upon committee construction of the promised tightened bill, the full House gets their shot at it. Contact your Representatives, and ask them to pass whatever the Election Law Committee should come up with to replace HB48. Tell them you don't need paternalistic government protection from "too much choice!"]

The very definition of "statesman"

Libertarian-Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul meets with the Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board yesterday for an hour-long interview. No debate-answer time constraints, no evasions, no "soundbite politics." Just uniquely (and clearly disarmingly) rational, consistent, constitutionally faithful principles. Highly recommended viewing.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's time for a change

I submitted the following letter to the Concord Monitor editor this morning, in response to this.

I truly empathize with Betty Ward's assessment of the empirical futility experienced by independent voters with the essentially indistinguishable, and increasingly indifferent major parties. Congressional Democrats are now perfectly comfortable retroactively granting quite arguably unconstitutional authorizations to a GOP president that he couldn't even get from his own party last session. Not to pick on the Dems, but following the '06 elections, I saw a network interview clip with a freshly minted Democratic US Representative who said she would support Bush's war spending plans, and if the voters wanted something else, they should have thought of that in '04! What, exactly, were her (obviously successful) campaign promises? Why were her constituents supposed to vote for her over her GOP opponent, anyway?

There's precious little time left to successfully stop this self-serving, free-spending, extra-Constitutional authoritarian Federal juggernaut before it's too late, IMHO, and only one hope in the current election cycle who not only won't continue to exacerbate the already very troubling situation, but will actually turn this "ship of statism" around, across the board. Reinstate Constitutional limits, restore personal liberty while still providing for national security, and dramatically expand the razor-thin political dialog that's so beneficial to sustaining the entrenched Powers That Be.

That hope, that truly unique choice, that one lone candle in the lockstep political darkness is the candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul. And 11/5/07's extraordinary one-day fundraising effort has forced even the mainstream media to finally sit up and take serious notice of his broad and deep grassroots support. If you haven't heard of Ron Paul, you will now. And be you Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, "undeclared," or whatever, if you treasure what this nation was intended to be, you should listen. Carefully.

Pick up a GOP ballot at your primary polling place, holding your nose if that's what it takes, and check THAT box. Stand up and be heard. Send them ALL a message. Vote for Ron Paul and take back your country.

Update: Finally published, 11/19/07
Umm... Product Reviews - London,UK, 11/19/07

Monday, November 5, 2007

5th of November 'V' Vigil for "enemy of the state" Lauren Canario

Murphy's Taproom is the staging area for much liberty activism in Manchester, NH, these days. A November 5th vigil, in the spirit of the day, was planned for liberty activist Lauren Canario, imprisoned in Manchester since Oct. 2nd for noncompliance with The System. Here's more of the story. Here's the plan. And here's the video...

Update, 11/7, ~4pm: Free at last, free at last, thank god a'mighty, she's free at last!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ron Paul campaign strategy session in Concord, NH

Like it or not, the presidential primary campaign is rapidly heading into the home stretch, with the NH primary potentially as imminent as 5 weeks away. Ron Paul is stepping up efforts in the state, with increased media buys, and more concentration on organized grassroots efforts. Here is today's strategy session and teleconference (which our Meetup group had won in a fundraising contest) at NH Technical Institute's Concord campus, leading up to afternoon canvassing.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ohhhh, this is so great...

Check out (particularly, but don't stop there...) "The Drew Carey Project" at Reason.tv

Raw "open" video for "Capitol Access"

A new weekly talk show is coming to Concord, NH community television: "Capitol Access," with your hosts, Lydia Harman and Denis Goddard (and yours truly on visual image capture devices, an' such). If you live in Concord (which I don't), look for it on, IIRC, channel 22, starting Sunday, 11/4/07, and rebroadcast throughout the week. Podcasts coming soon to the website for the rest of us...

Tancredo on immigration, naturalization, and states' rights; from Sep 23, 2007

Just getting 'round to putting this blog account to some use. Characterization as "good" or "bad," vapid or valuable, is your call to make, dear reader...

This was one of my first stabs at "political birddogging," and at activist video generation (hell, at any sort of video generation). And you can find some more examples of recent efforts, specifically on the subject of the abject hypocrisy and failure of marijuana prohibition (not to mention blatant and troubling Federal overreach, but no surprises there), peppered about Send the Right Message.

Why is a perfectly good, consistent Constitutional argument always so easy to selectively abandon, even by those who actually, fully voluntarily claim to support the document? "Well, er, um, there's gotta be somethin' in there somewhere..."