Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's time for a change

I submitted the following letter to the Concord Monitor editor this morning, in response to this.

I truly empathize with Betty Ward's assessment of the empirical futility experienced by independent voters with the essentially indistinguishable, and increasingly indifferent major parties. Congressional Democrats are now perfectly comfortable retroactively granting quite arguably unconstitutional authorizations to a GOP president that he couldn't even get from his own party last session. Not to pick on the Dems, but following the '06 elections, I saw a network interview clip with a freshly minted Democratic US Representative who said she would support Bush's war spending plans, and if the voters wanted something else, they should have thought of that in '04! What, exactly, were her (obviously successful) campaign promises? Why were her constituents supposed to vote for her over her GOP opponent, anyway?

There's precious little time left to successfully stop this self-serving, free-spending, extra-Constitutional authoritarian Federal juggernaut before it's too late, IMHO, and only one hope in the current election cycle who not only won't continue to exacerbate the already very troubling situation, but will actually turn this "ship of statism" around, across the board. Reinstate Constitutional limits, restore personal liberty while still providing for national security, and dramatically expand the razor-thin political dialog that's so beneficial to sustaining the entrenched Powers That Be.

That hope, that truly unique choice, that one lone candle in the lockstep political darkness is the candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul. And 11/5/07's extraordinary one-day fundraising effort has forced even the mainstream media to finally sit up and take serious notice of his broad and deep grassroots support. If you haven't heard of Ron Paul, you will now. And be you Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, "undeclared," or whatever, if you treasure what this nation was intended to be, you should listen. Carefully.

Pick up a GOP ballot at your primary polling place, holding your nose if that's what it takes, and check THAT box. Stand up and be heard. Send them ALL a message. Vote for Ron Paul and take back your country.

Update: Finally published, 11/19/07
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