Thursday, November 8, 2007

A NH State House Morning with the NHLA

The NH Liberty Alliance is the premier nonpartisan liberty advocacy organization on the NH political scene. This is my first attempt at documenting a slice of the activities of this still young, but very committed and increasingly influential group. (Yes, I'm an active member. How 'bout you...?) This video is from an NHLA activist training session, including observing what's known as a House Committee Executive Session, so there's no public testimony. Just silent but (as you can tell by one comment by the Committee Chair) effective watchdogging.

Now for the content. Arbitrarily and conveniently enough for them, there are currently only 2 state-recognized political parties in NH. This morning's Executive Session delayed (yes, perhaps for arguably valid concerns, but why is election law such a mess in the first place?) putting us one step closer to opening that process up to more political philosophies. Hell, the Iraqis had the equivalent of something like 120 parties on their ballot -- seriously! Is the average NH citizen really that much denser than the average Iraqi? Are you? It's certainly not over yet: upon committee construction of the promised tightened bill, the full House gets their shot at it. Contact your Representatives, and ask them to pass whatever the Election Law Committee should come up with to replace HB48. Tell them you don't need paternalistic government protection from "too much choice!"]

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