Friday, March 20, 2009

$2.85 For Your Liberty

That's $3.7M in one-time windfall blood money from the feds (where did they get it, again?) divided by 1.3M NH residents (that's 2007 figures, and truncated at that, so your autonomy was worth less than $2.85 in your government's eyes, even then). Plus the glorious citation revenue, of course. Bwa-ha-ha-haaa...!

Interested? No? Too bad. Whom do you think's running this joint, anyway? Now be a good subject and just do what you're told...

Except activists are sworn to make sure the goon-state of NH never gets to spend it quite the way it envisions, maybe even lose money in the bargain (yes, it's actually taxpayers' money, either way...). Will the state listen? Can it "do the math?" Does it actually care? Or is it really all about obedience of the masses? Watch the video: it's all a big joke to them. They still don't see what's coming...

This is the continuation of last week's NH House Ways & Means Committee hearing on HB383, this year's seatbelt bill, 3/20/2009. What does it take to instruct these servants that we simply don't want their "help?" For the "attention deficit" crowd, selected testimony video follows...

Details on the pledge Jeremy talks about can be found here and here.

Contact your legislators, and tell them you didn't hire parents. Tell them your freedom isn't for sale. Tell them you haven't authorized them to "instruct" you how to live your life (as if they're qualified). Tell them to leave you alone, thanks for the "concern."

Not great possibilities still in the House at this point, but they're not done yet, and it's certainly worth the fight. Likely on to the Senate after another floor vote, possibly next week. Steel yourselves, sovereigns...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Simply surreal. This is part of the discussion that occurred in the hallway outside the NH House Ways & Means Committee hearing room prior to the (first) hearing on HB383: "relative to passenger restraints," followed by the hearing, itself. It was way late, and will pick up again next week (so everybody who took the day off to instruct their legislators can do it again. Oh, joy.).

The Wall Street Journal sent a reporter, Jennifer Levitz, with a video camera (I mooched for a bit). She interviewed the inestimable Jeremy Olson and the world famous Mark Edge. Then she initiated an interview with the bill's sponsor, Rep Sally "live free or die!" Kelly (she's lived here 34 years, ya know -- I think she gets an extra vote at 35 or something...). Our own Ivy Walker interceded (with "permission" from both parties). Even your humble chronicler got in a question. An answer, not so much. Hilarity ensued.

It's interesting how anecdotes (did you know they're "facts?") are only valid when they tell them, and even then, the conclusions they draw can be diametrically opposed to the evidence presented. Eventually, they will make my head explode...

Details on the pledge Jeremy talks about can be found here and here.

As mentioned above, precious little time was allotted, and only 2 speakers were heard. They are also included here. The rest must wait on the Committee's pleasure.

Rep Kelly came up to your humble chronicler following the hearing, extended a hand, and wished me luck with my efforts, as if the contest for my liberty were just some amusing little game to her. A sport. Shaking her hand and saying thank you, I do believe the tyrant was genuinely surprised that I didn't wish her the same...

(I hate Vista. I really, really do. I'd fixed and saved that edit/typo. The OS, it turns out, apparently felt differently. I wonder what else I "didn't do"...)

'Hidden Tracking Devices' in the NH House

Testimony before the NH House Commerce Committee on HB478-FN: "relative to remotely readable devices and relative to the illegal use of a payment card scanning device or reencoder." RFID, in an acronym.

Part 1

Part 2

And the bulk of Dr. Katherine Albrecht's isolated culminating testimony. See the hacker video referenced by Dr. Albrecht here.

Learn more at

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Somebody Hasn't Actually Contemplated Their Oath

216 "somebody"s, as it turns out... Have they even bothered to read what they've sworn to uphold?

Herewith, the rally and roll call vote on HCR6, "affirming States' rights based on Jeffersonian principles." As you watch the floor debate in the 2nd half, remember that there was no public testimony against HCR6. None.

There were no arguments expressed against it in the State-Federal Relations Committee's shockingly perfunctory Executive Session. Zero.

The extremely limited coverage the mainstream media has deigned to provide (not to mention statements by Committee members in session) has suggested that legislators have been hearing a lot on this issue, yet none of them seems able to say any of it was remotely negative. There were hundreds of well-chilled voters who turned out on a work day to express their (to employ laughable understatement) strong approval for the resolution.

These "representatives" certainly aren't listening to their constituents. Who are they listening to? Whom do they serve?

And the arrogant hypocrite Rep. Rollo on the House floor disparages anyone who "thinks they know better" on this bill, but I guarantee you he believed he "knew better" on spending bills and regulation bills voted on in this very same chamber later on this very same day. He has no place whatsoever as my servant, and I want him fired.

Find out who your NH State Representatives are. Then locate them in the "HCR6 Roll Call" to find out how they voted on HCR6: whether they defend your unalienable liberty or they meekly turn it over to the feds (remember, they were voting on the Committee's recommendation to kill the resolution, not on the resolution, itself, so 'nay' is good). Then hold them accountable in November 2010. Here are mine:

Nay - Day, Russell(R)
Nay - Emerton, Larry(R)
Nay - Hikel, John(R)
Nay - Hodges, Kevin(D)
N/V - Holden, Rip(R)
Nay - Hopper, Gary(R)
Nay - Kurk, Neal(R)
Nay - Pratt, Calvin(R)

Good job, men. Thank you for understanding enumerated powers, limited government, states' rights/sovereignty, and intended liberty by local control.

Fellow citizens, this is your Republic the politicians are stealing. Your birthright. Your children's birthright. Do you care? If you're in NH (and why wouldn't you be?), hit the NH Liberty Alliance for help.


And here's just Rep Itse's Rally address.