Friday, February 20, 2015

Stealing Is A Crime, Isn't It?

Taking property from those whom you have not convicted of any crime -- and as I understand it, are, in fact, therefore innocent until proven guilty -- is stealing. Even -- perhaps especially -- when government does it. "Equitable sharing" is equitable only among the thieves.

Last year's bill to restrict such actions (just a little, since it has no effect on the feds) has been retooled, and today, 2/19/2015, the NH House Judiciary Committee hears testimony on HB636, "relative to forfeiture of property" -- civil asset forfeiture.

This Just In: Criminals Don't Care About 'Constitutional Carry'

The NH Senate version, SB116, 'Constitutional carry,' had its hearing on 1/29/2015. Now the House takes a look at its own. HB582, "repealing the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver," before the Criminal Justice Committee, 2/19/2015. Only about an hour and a half of it, though, since, having started about an hour and a half late, your humble chronicler had to depart early to catch HB636, "relative to forfeiture of property" -- civil asset forfeiture -- which shall follow anon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NH Decrim. Again.

NH. The lone recalcitrant New England authoritarian holdout. HB618, "relative to penalties for the possession of marijuana and relative to the cultivation of marijuana plants," before the NH House Criminal Justice Committee, 2/17/2015. Again.

And the stumbling block - - again -- is most likely to be our "liberal" governor  (second such in a row). And this is just for 'decrim', not 'legalization' -- which is what a free society would do (since, y'know, the only lawfully delegated 'prohibition' authority was repealed quite some time ago, as acknowledgement of the profoundly expensive mistake that it was). Might wanna just start getting on her now about it...

But first, the preceding press conference.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Getting A Handle On Police Militarization

So far, NH local governments have consistently demonstrated arrogant disinterest in what the NH citizenry thinks of their acquisition of surplus military equipment (such as Bearcat vehicles) supplied to police departments by, well, by the military. Time to take it up the chain.

HB407, "prohibiting the state and political subdivisions from acquiring military-equipped vehicles or equipment which are not readily available in an open national commercial market," before the NH House Municipal and County Government Committee, 2/5 and 2/10/2015.