Wednesday, February 22, 2017

An Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come...?

"Inevitable," even? Could it be? The last time we visited this rodeo, back in 2014, the NH House became the first legislative body in the country to pass marijuana legalization via HB492. This year, this day, 2/21/2017, hard on the heels of the House repeating that action a few weeks ago with the similarly themed HB656, the Senate Judiciary Committee finally gets around to actually considering its own version, and chills to a similarly tranquil SB233, "relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana and establishing a committee to study the legalization of marijuana."

One cop and one predictably deeply authoritarian/prohibitionist organization in opposition. The unmitigated "mistake," Lt John Encarnacao, always reliably recalcitrant Commander of the NH Dept of Safety's Narcotics Unit, is in the incessantly unsupportable conviction (see what I did there?) that prohibition ever works. Ever. Even that one time when it was foolishly and expensively (in blood, treasure and liberty) actually lawfully authorized... to meddlesome paternalistic hammer-wielding people like you.

Your employers -- that's the taxpayers, since you seem a might fuzzy on that point -- have had enough, and have given you your instructions. End the "War on People Who Use (Some) Drugs"™. Why are we still talking about this? Why are you here, under the official auspices of the "servant State," lobbying our other servants to continue the destruction against our wishes -- and, without a lick of contrition, even on our dime, it really must be noted, unlike Cheshire County Department of Corrections Superintendent Van Wickler who, equally reliably, took time off to be here this day to talk reason?

You know what to do, people, House and Senate...


Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Legalization" Gets A Surprisingly Positive Hearing

'Course, to be fair, some of the Live Free Or Die State's New England neighbors have lit up a bit of a political blaze since the last time the NH state legislature visited this issue, what with MA and ME effectively ending (at least at the state level) "The War on People Who Use (Some) Drugs"™. And in addition to the continued stat that about two-thirds of voters want it, there's perhaps an air of inevitability and resignation finally entering the (selectively) unaltered consciousness of the prohibitionists.

Here, the NH House Criminal Justice Committee receives testimony on HB656, "relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana," 2/1/2017. The NH House, of course, was the first legislative body in the country to pass cannabis legalization, so there's no excuse it can't do it again. Let your Representatives know you've got their backs.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Only Opposition to 'Decrim' is the Church...?

That's right. Even the ever-reliably prohibitionist nanny-staters at New Futures publicly and explicitly take no position on harming peaceful people a little less (to be fair, on a bill to which they admittedly can find no objection, so not all that great a stretch...).

On the other hand, the new last-gasp champion taking up the sword for the prohibitionist crusade is evidently the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester, it seems. Is persec--... sorry, prosecuting the "War on People Who Use (Some) Drugs"™, and imprisoning people who haven't harmed anyone -- and stealing your money to fund it, remember -- what passes for Christian charity these days? Is criminal justice reform now against religious teachings?

The NH House Criminal Justice Committee hears testimony on HB640, "relative to the penalties for possession of marijuana," 2/1/2017. Seems extremely hopeful -- hell, it's taken long enough -- but do consider giving your Representatives a push in the right direction. Then on to the Senate...


NH Constitutional Carry Appears Right On Target

SB12, "repealing the licensing requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver" appears to have acquired the governor's-desk target down-range. Herewith, the NH House Criminal Justice Committee hearing, 2/1/2017, followed immediately by its Executive Session, resulting in a speedy 12-8 'Ought To Pass" recommendation. Never a bad idea to share your thoughts with your Representatives, certainly, before it hits the House floor...