Friday, January 31, 2014

How Much Will Ending Prohibition Cost...?

Following an historic passage (the first affirmation by a state legislative body, as other successful legalization efforts have been by referenda) by the NH House on 1/15/2014, HB492, "relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana," confronts its second House committee (the first having been Criminal Justice, so very long ago), Ways and Means, where the State explains why it believes ending prohibition is economically scary and endangers its oppressive Byzantine house of regulatory cards -- an abode enabled and constructed entirely by prohibition, 1/30/2014. And besides, feds. So... Hey, sometimes the Constitution and the nettlesome limits it intended to impose just have to take a back seat, y'know...?

Probably never happen again, but for once, I agree with the Liquor Commission: I don't want another self-delegated state drug monopoly, either. Just the morning session: I couldn't take any more. Nor could my camera batteries...


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