Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Simply surreal. This is part of the discussion that occurred in the hallway outside the NH House Ways & Means Committee hearing room prior to the (first) hearing on HB383: "relative to passenger restraints," followed by the hearing, itself. It was way late, and will pick up again next week (so everybody who took the day off to instruct their legislators can do it again. Oh, joy.).

The Wall Street Journal sent a reporter, Jennifer Levitz, with a video camera (I mooched for a bit). She interviewed the inestimable Jeremy Olson and the world famous Mark Edge. Then she initiated an interview with the bill's sponsor, Rep Sally "live free or die!" Kelly (she's lived here 34 years, ya know -- I think she gets an extra vote at 35 or something...). Our own Ivy Walker interceded (with "permission" from both parties). Even your humble chronicler got in a question. An answer, not so much. Hilarity ensued.

It's interesting how anecdotes (did you know they're "facts?") are only valid when they tell them, and even then, the conclusions they draw can be diametrically opposed to the evidence presented. Eventually, they will make my head explode...

Details on the pledge Jeremy talks about can be found here and here.

As mentioned above, precious little time was allotted, and only 2 speakers were heard. They are also included here. The rest must wait on the Committee's pleasure.

Rep Kelly came up to your humble chronicler following the hearing, extended a hand, and wished me luck with my efforts, as if the contest for my liberty were just some amusing little game to her. A sport. Shaking her hand and saying thank you, I do believe the tyrant was genuinely surprised that I didn't wish her the same...

(I hate Vista. I really, really do. I'd fixed and saved that edit/typo. The OS, it turns out, apparently felt differently. I wonder what else I "didn't do"...)

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