Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ron Paul Christmas Lights Sign

Ron Paul 2x4 yard sign: Free from campaign HQ
Hardware and strapping: Pennies
LED Christmas lights: ~$40
Ron Paul Christmas Sign: Priceless
Just sendin' it out there...
(Oh, yeah, and it's portable. Look for it in a pickup truck bed near you... };-> )


  1. Got a picture of the backside or how its all wired up? Are you just plugging it into a wall socket or can you run it off a battery?

  2. The wiring just hangs there, but since the bulbs are pretty close together (on the wire), it doesn't flop around. If you follow the url to the video posted on YouTube, in response to similar questions, I mention some construction details and other construction videos out there, which you'll likely find listed under "Related videos." Any of the ones I've watched show the back, similar to mine. I used 120VAC bulbs, currently just plugged into existing exterior strings, but you can probably find 12VDC strings someplace. But this setup can still plug into one of the automotive inverters or starter/inverters to ride along in the back of the truck. Personally, I got a "Wagan Tech 400 Watt Power Dome" from Amazon...