Thursday, November 15, 2007

American Daily Distorts Truth About Ron Paul

Another fine retort to JB Williams' hit piece on the good doctor. And here's possibly the most salient point to consider, IMHO. One that's continuously missed or ignored when it comes to referencing Dondero's virulent, off-the-rails RP rantings. One that really seems ought to result in charges, or something...
"Williams fails to mention (or doesn't bother to mention) that his main source, Eric Dondero, is challenging for Paul's seat in the upcoming Congressional Republican primary in Paul's Texas district in 2008 and therefore has a politically motivated reason for going negative on Paul. Can you say, 'hidden agenda'?"

But then, how can anyone who considers -- or even accepts as a nominally intellectually debatable proposition -- that "Benito" Giuliani (merely "America's Janitor" on 9/11, but now "World Police" aspirant -- not completely unlike the career path of his former driver, now that I think of it...) is the libertarian's best principled choice be taken even remotely seriously, anyway...?

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