Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Musical gifts: Real or fake music?

With the holidays fast approaching, I'd offer that this is a great question to ponder (didja see the "South Park" episode? Heh-heh-heh...). Dispel any unfair pre- and misconceptions you may harbor, settle in, get laid back, and have a listen to some Jake or James or the UOGB or some slightly more casual players around NYC, or some of the more local scene around Boston, and then consider a good homeschooled music education (although ukes are huge in Canadian and British public schools), regardless of the student's age.

And can you imagine the peaceful "Free State 'Ukulele Orchestra" on the NH State House steps, or at Murphy's, or outside the Manchester Post Office on tax day, or..., maybe with a kazoo chorus? "Don't be afraid. We're a threat only to your mind..." Hey, I wouldn't leave ya hangin'. Some resources here. Aloha, dude. };->

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