Friday, April 12, 2013

NH Senate Considers Being a Little Less Draconian

Again. HB621, "decriminalizing possession of one quarter of an ounce or less of marijuana," having survived the NH House, confronts the Senate Judiciary Committee, 4/11/2013.

But first, Rep. Mark Warden, and Ian Freeman of and offer distinct perspectives on the de-escalation of the the "War on People Who Use (Some) Drugs"™.

(Btw, -- absolutely not recommended anymore, in case that's not clear, unless you're into 'fly-by-night' -- today announced [not so much "announced," though, since I had to accidentally stumble on it, and there's still no indication from them that they had any intention of actually informing me in advance had I not come inquiring] that they will be closing my account and deleting my content within a month, for vague and capricious reasons. Essentially, "new business model: nothing personal, sorry, bye..." All ~70 videos there will therefore soon become unavailable, and will eventually have to be re-uploaded to another provider and re-embedded throughout this blog. I may or may not be able to again post long videos on YouTube come July; we're kinda fuzzy on that one, too. In the mean time, if anyone can suggest A RELIABLE alternative long-video hosting provider, I'd be deeply appreciative...)

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