Saturday, March 16, 2013

NH House Committee Considers Considerably Higher Gas Taxes

Testimony before the NH House Ways and Means Committee against HB617, "increasing the rate of the road toll and establishing the New Hampshire state and municipal road and bridge account," 3/14/2013.

Highlight reels include Rep. Bill O'Brien, and then Rep. Steve Vaillancourt and taxpayers Ian Freeman and Pam Ean.


  1. The 1st speaker is the prime sponsor, Democratic Rep. David Campbell of Nashua spoke in favor of his bill.
    At 29:00 min. in, the House Republican Leader spoke against the bill.
    At 44:20 in, Rep. O'Brien, the former NH Speaker of the House spoke against the bill.
    At 1:14:20 in, Rep. Vaillancourt spoke against the bill.
    At 1:47:00 in, Mr Angry of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine spoke in favor of the bill.
    At 2:49:15 in, Mr Murray of Associated Grocers of New England spoke against the bill.
    At 2:58:55 in, a lawyer for Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell representing Market Basket spoke in favor of the bill. The lawyer said that Market Basket also lobbied the NH House Public Works and Highway Committee in support of the bill.
    At 3:39:45 in, Mr. Thomson, the Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire Honorary Chair, spoke against the bill.

  2. Thanks for the markers, Keith.