Friday, February 22, 2013

Medicinal MJ on the Island of NH: The Final (Defensive) Assault?

No doubt about it: the authoritarians and protectionists in the state already landlocked by successful medical pot are scared shitless.

Last session's medicinal marijuana legislative hearings were, aside from the usual hysterical suspects, surprisingly uneventful and productive. SB409 was then passed by the GOP-dominated NH House and Senate, vetoed by a Democratic (which really ought to be in quotes, shouldn't it?) governor, then overridden by that GOP House, only to fall tantalizingly short of a similar override in the GOP Senate.

This year's HB573-FN, submitted to a Democratic House, however, here before the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee, 2/21/2013, appears to have reinvigorated the Forces of Force. How many were "on the clock," being paid by you, harried taxpayer, to self-servingly lobby your other servants to continue infringing your liberty, your self-ownership, your authority over even your own body? Whom does the Legislative Branch serve, faithful reader: the Executive Branch and crony lobbyists all with vested financial interests and delusions of superior judgment and the delegated authority to impose it, or the people?

We'll start, though, with testimony first by pain patient Clayton Holton and former NH state representative (and former bill sponsor) Evalyn Merrick, then by (briefly) a standard-issue Executive Branch thug, an exasperated citizen (AKA, the recalcitrant thug's unwilling employer), and a couple lobbyists for people in pain -- most of whom couldn't afford to be here to testify in opposition to their own belligerent servants.


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