Sunday, February 17, 2013

'Pot Fest' Confronts 'Justice'

Will justice prevail? Selected testimony from the brace of marijuana bills heard by the NH House Criminal Justice Committee, 2/14/2013.

First, Rich Paul testifies regarding the unalienable right to pursue happiness and HB492, "relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana." Then Rep. Mark Warden introduces HB337, "legalizing marijuana and cannabis." Following, a couple new arrivals (to my knowledge) -- and very welcome, indeed -- to NH liberty activism join Rich Paul again in also addressing HB337. Finally, Marijuana Policy Project Legislative Analyst Matt Simon and NH Common Sense Executive Director Kirk McNeil speak during the hearing on HB621, "decriminalizing possession of less than one ounce of marijuana," but reference all 3 bills. See more of these hearings here.

Rich Paul

Rep. Mark Warden

Select Testimony

Matt Simon and Kirk McNeil

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