Saturday, April 13, 2013

NH MMJ Prohibitionism Jumps the Shark

Sure does feel like it, doesn't it? Belligerent servants in unrelenting irrational opposition to any relaxation of medical medicinal -- sorry, therapeutic marijuana prohibitionism appear finally to have accepted the prescription-writing on the wall. Now mere delay is their strident meddlesome battle cry -- most notably, perhaps, from the throat of a "usual-suspect" bureaucratic-fetishist authoritarian physician (who even got a certain reporter from a certain public radio station rolling his eyes and exchanging smirking glances), whom I really have to question whether sees actual patients, or merely gleefully pushes papers -- although that's clearly her passion (and who am I to deny to her her passion as long as she isn't harming anyone, say, by doing something barbaric like denying them entirely peaceful pain relief, amIright?).

Herewith, having already cleared the House, the NH Senate Health, Education & Human Services Committee hears testimony on HB573, "relative to the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes," 4/11/2013 (watch it quick, cuz has apparently decided I'm not commercial enough for them and will be summarily deleting all my content entrusted to them soon, and I haven't figured out where else to republish it all yet -- suggestions appreciated), preceded by select testimony from Executive Director Kirk McNeil, taxpayer Rich Paul, and Ian Freeman from and


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