Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oath Keepers v NH DCYF Cage Match: Introductions

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder, visits NH again, 10/14/2010. This time to lead a 1st Amendment Rally at the Dover outpost of the NH Family Division Court, in response to DCYF citing membership in the oath-honoring organization as (at least partial) justification for the kidnapping of a newborn from Concord Hospital on 10/7. The "demand letter" Steward references can be found here.

Including a hastily-called protest at the scene of the crime on 10/8, this is the second major action to date by the liberty community in opposition to this profoundly disturbing violation of the Constitutionally protected natural right of association, just for starters. And as you'll see, (even) John Irish (the elder) agrees with me.

The side-show debates over, e.g., whether Jonathan Irish is actually a "member" of Oath Keepers is absurdly beside the point. It still leaves the shocking evidence that DCYF (even if in error, and independent of any other allegations or their individual veracity) asserted his association with a (any) peaceful (yet regime-"threatening") political organization, and that they considered that association to be a relevant and reasonable factor in taking his child away. What the hell were they thinking?! Well, think MIAC Report. Think many SPLC papers.

NH DCYF has got to understand one thing right now, right to their very collectivist marrow, that this is a profoundly unacceptable violation of the 1st Amendment rights of speech and association. This must not stand unchallenged. By Oath Keepers members, or FSP members, or NHLA members, or FreeKeene members, or any other members of peaceful organizations, inside or outside of NH, that challenge the status quo. Because as Pastor Niemöller observed...

There's a related "redress of grievance," um... "listening session" (see background on that silliness) tentatively scheduled for 10/19 in front of an ad hoc committee of the NH House. See you there...


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