Wednesday, October 20, 2010

J. Irish & S. Taylor vs. The State, Round Two

Jonathan Irish and Stephanie Taylor testify before the NH House 'Redress of Grievance' Caucus regarding the 'Oath Keepers child custody' brouhaha, 10/19/2010. Lots of history 'round here, if you're interested. (FYI, you should be...)

Just a tease. Or is it more...?

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. The state actors will all be sued for their actions in this case. LE acted in bad faith as well as the SS workers.

    Return the other 2 children NOW without hesitation. The state of NH needs to cut their loses forthwith.

    WE the people are sick of the power this entity presumes it has. is high time to reign this entity in.


    CC Tillett
    Washington Families United
    Child and Family Advocate
    Washington State