Sunday, April 13, 2008

Show 'em what a NH patriot is...

... At this point, it's even politically easy. OK, this is essentially a repeat, substantively embellished as it may nevertheless be. But as SB434 goes to the full NH House, it's important to "send the right message," right...?

To my Representatives,

NH is already in possession of an unrequested REAL ID "compliance extension." Nevertheless...

Multiple presidential candidates' passport files are breached by government contractors. This revelation, only the most recent similar, is kept hidden for months. Is this the level of security the federal government guarantees us for all the REAL ID "breeder documents" they demand be accessible to damned near everybody now, before "allowing" us the freedom to travel? I would direct your attention to the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution, which reserves authority over driver's licenses to the states, and to NH Part First, Article 7, which states (redundantly, it could easily be argued) that NH voters must first explicitly relinquish that authority, which, of course, we have not done.

I am vehemently opposed to a national ID card. For the security problems exposed yet again by the aforementioned presidential candidates' passport breach. For the massive and troubling fiscal, sovereignty, privacy, federal competency (or rather repeatedly stunning lack thereof), and even religious issues involved. I believe asking for an extension is "blinking." I believe it would say that we're working toward compliance. And that would be LYING, either to the feds or to the citizens of NH, who have worked very hard to keep NH out of any unconstitutional national ID scheme. A scheme, let's not forget, that somehow warranted far less Congressional debate than did steroids in baseball...

So why is this before you again? Because the arrogant NH Senate, in a headlong rush to beat Homeland Security's extension approval to the Governor's office, is sounding more and more like VP Cheney when asked about 2/3 of the people being against the war: "So?" So... I now honestly believe the Senate is more interested in pleasing the feds, and selling us out for chump change than listening to constituents and defending liberty.

This is -- increasingly -- the very definition of "no-brainer." NH citizens have already spoken on this issue. Why are we still talking about it? NH wants to retain her sovereignty, at least the little she has left. Please, despite the issue of any extension approval now being moot, send the NH Senate a strong message. Send D.C. a message. Please reject their latest attempt to sell us down the river. Please reject REAL ID. Again. With prejudice. Please reject SB434. (All of it, btw.)

Stand firm. This is not the time for complacency. Show them what a NH patriot is. The citizens of NH -- from whom even the feds are intended to take their marching orders -- have your back.

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