Monday, April 28, 2008

NH House Education Subcommittee Work Session on SB337

"Relative to home education of children." I think the Chair grasps it all fairly well at about 1:09:15. Coulda sworn that was the primary argument for removing the requirement 2 years ago, wasn't it? Results-based (of the education process, not of the rule-making process) assessment? What's changed since then? What's the existing problem we're trying to solve? Evidence, please, before "solutions." "No, no, no. Let's go Draconian, and dial it back only as forced." Who's the boss here, again...?

Here's a fun game: See if you can spot the unrepentant statist authoritarian. Two, actually, but the 2nd's more obscure. OK, so it's an easy game...

While we're on this subject (and I might attract a harmonic audience), any suggested additions for NH Mensa's Gifted Children and Homeschooling page are always appreciated by that site's Webmaster (who would be yours truly, as it turns out; as well as a Proctor, if you're curious about membership...).

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  1. Thank you for posting this video. It's eye opening to watch our elected officials stumble and bumble - writing rules, regulations and laws on topics they admit they know nothing about.

    I can see it now - HB001 - "requiring all parents who home school their minor children to belong to a "support group" and attend monthly meetings of said group."