Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NH House Education Subcommittee Work Session on SB337, Part 2

"Relative to home education of children." Is there anyone other than bureaucrats supporting this? How many represented voters have expressed support? How many have expressed vocal opposition? How many homeschoolers equal one bureaucrat, anyway? Gotta be fractional, doesn't it?

I'm guessing the truant statist-authoritarian figured she already knows everything she needed to know, thank-you-very-much. Ask Jim Forsythe sometime about where she evidently believes rights come from. Prepare to shudder. And prod him to run for state office while you're at it, wouldja...? We don't need him in D.C.: it's a lost cause. We need him here.

Find a chronology of SB337 here (thanks, Chris). Executive Session scheduled for 10am, 5/6/2008. See ya there.

1 comment:

  1. After listening to the audio and reading the Rous Amendment, I just penned my opposition to this bill and sent it off to all the members of the Education Committee. I intend on sending the same text to my 4 state reps as well (none of whom are on the committee).

    The word I use about all of this is "Horrified".

    I am curious about the absent statist. I thought our rights were "endowed by our Creator" - where do hers come from? :-)