Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rep. Vaillancourt on patriotic civil disobedience

By special request, stand-alone testimony from NH State Representative Steve Vaillancourt on the political and philosophical obligation of civil disobedience, from the initial House Science, Technology & Energy Committee hearing on SB434, 3/25/2008. Complete hearing available here.

(Bear in mind, too, that Thursday, the day of the second scheduled hearing, is 3/27. The official deadline for requesting an extension on REAL ID compliance is 3/31. The Committee has to finish with SB434, the House has to vote on it [assuming they don't pass it on to another Committee first], the Senate must take up any House amendments, a Committee of Conference must hammer out any differences between final Senate and House versions, and the Governor has to review, write and mail such a request. Tick, tick, tick... Or are the rules less rigid than Chertoff would have us accept?)

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