Friday, March 21, 2008

Appreciation for a job (substantially) properly done 

To my NH Representatives,

To those of you who chose to give our young people sufficient credit (they are NH's sons and daughters, after all) to realize when they're being repeatedly propagandized and outright lied to (as, I've little doubt, you would have justifiably expected for yourselves), as well as the opportunity to at least recover from "youthful indiscretion" (as, I trust, you would have appreciated for yourselves); to those who chose to reject simply continuing the same troubling level of irrational, hypocritical, inconsistent, fruitless and expensive hysteria, and to defend Article 18, by passing HB1623, "relative to the penalty for possession of marijuana," thank you.

It is indeed heartening to see our Hillsborough 7 contingent so dramatically proportionally depart (4-3) from the 40-94 authoritarian GOP party line vote on this question of liberty, reason and the constitutional rule of law. I look forward to us doing even better in the future, leading the way in NH to limited government, local control, inviolable property rights, and consistent personal freedom. Have yourselves a drink on me.

Day, Russell            GOP    Hills. 7    Nay
Emerton, Larry         GOP    Hills. 7    Nay
Fletcher, R              GOP     Hills. 7    Nay
Holden, R                GOP    Hills. 7    Yea
Hopper, Gary           GOP    Hills. 7    Yea
Kurk, Neal               GOP    Hills. 7    Yea
Manney, Pamela      GOP    Hills. 7    Yea
McRae, Karen          GOP    Hills. 7    Not Voting

And Representative Fletcher, I'm still very much interested in understanding how you ended up the sole House Republican siding with just 18 Democrats in favor of HB1354, in opposition to Article 2-a...

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