Monday, March 24, 2008

NH Citizens have spoken. Why are we still talking about this?

To the NH House Science, Technology & Energy Committee,

Multiple presidential candidates' passport files are breached by government contractors. This revelation is kept hidden for months. Is this the level of security the federal government guarantees us for all the REAL ID "breeder documents" they demand be accessible to damned near everybody now, before "allowing" us the freedom to travel?

This is -- increasingly -- the very definition of "no-brainer." So why is this before you again? Because the arrogant NH Senate, in a headlong rush to beat Homeland Security's extension approval (the same one the feds already sent to Montana unrequested) to the Governor's office, is sounding more and more like VP Cheney when asked about 2/3 of the people being against the war: "So?"

NH citizens have already spoken on this issue. Why are we still talking about it? NH wants to retain her sovereignty, at least the little she has left. Send the NH Senate a message. Send D.C. a message. Please reject their latest attempt to sell us down the river. Please reject REAL ID. Again. With prejudice. Please reject SB434. Stand firm. The citizens of NH have your back.

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