Saturday, February 23, 2008

"The Sound of Impotent Rage"

Golly. I think I just learned something about myself...
"... As I played my ukulele in my mood, I understood why the uke had been Murray's instrument of choice as much as why actor Jason Robards had been chosen to play Murray: a certain quality of sad-happiness. Of laughter mixed with weeping. With its smallness, its high-pitched plinkiness, its firefly sustain, its fleeting tunability, and its ability to be played in a frenzy, the ukulele balanced a narrow line between the comic and the tragic like no musical instrument I had encountered. When I electrified it, I heard the loudest small sound I had ever heard: the sound of impotent rage. ... Not so much impotent rage, perhaps, as absurdist rage. ..."
William Preston Robertson


  1. Handing on in quiet desperation is the English way

  2. Ahh, the proper English. A truism, they say. Being a principled (and arguably cantankerous) American libertarian, though, I have a distinctly different reaction to oppression and desperation, impotent or not. And I'm not often accused of being quiet about it...

    Well I know what's right
    I got just one life
    In a world that keeps on pushin me around
    But I'll stand my ground
    And I won't... back... down

    And it sounds good on uke, too... };->