Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Action-packed NH House Committee Hearings

Resolutions, bills, and "Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolutions." Covering such issues as education, RKBA on public -- and private -- property, the North American Union, unfunded federal mandates, and the restoration of the Constitutional right to redress of grievance. Just another (full) day with the NH Liberty Alliance and the NH Legislature we monitor. Here's a video selection, and 2 complete hearings from 2/5/2008.

Morning Festivities

Afternoon Festivities

Complete Testimony on HR23, declaring a supra-national government such as a North American union unconstitutional and urging the United States to withdraw from further participation in the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

Complete Testimony on HB1543, establishing a procedure for a member of the legislature to introduce a citizen's petition for redress of grievance.

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    It must have been a lot of work to edit down the full hearings. But the effect is really great, and is much appreciated.