Monday, February 18, 2008

Be afraid, Congressman Hodes. Be very afraid.

We seem to be a bit at odds regarding continued interventionism, as well as the efficacy (not to mention economic impact of construction and maintenance, and China simply doesn't have enough money to loan us) of physical barriers around a 10,000+mi-perimeter country -- which a human trebuchet could easily overcome, anyway, so ya really need a dome -- and rhetoric ain't action, of course (can, say, peaceful "free people" smoke pot? can the "free market" conduct business with Cuba as easily as with the aforementioned China? (this was posted the day before Castro announced he was stepping down, btw) does "free speech" include campaign contributions?), but Grant Bosse appears to be a candidate for NH's 2nd Congressional District who might bear some serious watching...

"... Over the past five years, I’ve been proud to serve on the Washington staff of Senator John Sununu. During that time, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would about the budget process, Social Security, energy and environmental policy, and a host of other issues. But I’ve also seen a Republican Congress lose its way in a maze of special earmarks and favor trading. I’ve seen a Democratic Congress who came to power on promises to clean up the system immediately adopt the corrupt abuses of their predecessors, as well as invent a few new abuses all their own. ... I believe in free people, free markets, and free speech, and I relish the chance to defend these ideas. I’m looking forward to this campaign, and I ask you to join me."

The Patriot Gardner Goldsmith interviewed The Candidate, freshly declared, today on his radio show, "Against the Grain" (it starts about 0:49 into the audio for the 2/18/08 show), and it really struck me as a breath of desperately needed fresh air. The interview started with me paying only distracted attention, so I gotta go listen to it again, in case I missed something important, but... (It turns out I didn't.)

What the hell does Congress think it's doing wasting my time and money, e.g., questioning Roger Clemens or investigating "Spygate," anyway? Sure, it keeps them out of worse trouble (but also conveniently constrains their investigation of things they actually should be investigating), but what ever happened to clear Constitutional limits on federal authority? What ever happened to the rule of law? Inquiring minds dearly want to know...

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