Saturday, April 9, 2022

Pine Tree Riot 2022: The Quarter Millennium

What? Where? The Pine Tree Riot? One of the first acts of rebellion by the American colonists in their struggle for independence? Yeah, you know Weare. A celebration of the Pine Tree Riot for its 250th anniversary, Weare, NH, 4/9/2022. And you thought we wouldn't make it...

The Weare Historical Society is commemorating and celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the Pine Tree Riot, one of the first acts of rebellion against the crown that later inspired the Boston Tea Party. 
Come learn about the Pine Tree Riot, watch the one act play, see demonstrations of period equipment, meet the author of the book "Ebenezer Mudgett and the Pine Tree Riot" Connie Evans and purchase an autographed copy of the book. 
You'll have an opportunity to meet descendants, purchase Pine Tree Riot merch, sign the commemorative pine board and be included in the group aerial photograph.
Kick off the fun early! Sue Edge of the Weare Historical Society will offer a lecture overviewing the Pine Tree Riot at Weare Middle School on March 29 at 6:30 p.m.


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Let's raise a very appropriate tankard this day to the very able Ebenezer!

What is the Pine Tree Riot?
Presented by Sue Edge and Tom Flaherty, at the Weare, NH, Middle School, March 29, 2022, in advance of the town's 250th Anniversary celebration of the Pine Tree Riot.

Certainly, the subsequent war of secession wasn't precipitated by the colonists' desire for independence -- which itself is entirely peaceful, like an uncontested divorce -- but rather by the British empire's reaction to it -- which was anything but, as is so sadly typical of entitled empires. If, instead, the Brits had said, "Sorry to see ya go, have a happy life," things would surely have been different. Nevertheless, do keep celebrating Secession Day every July 4th!

Pine Tree Riot 'Temporary Marker' Ceremony
Tom Flaherty and the Weare Historical Society compensate for the state of NH's tardiness -- despite having a quarter-millennium to prepare -- and supply, April, 8, 2022, a temporary marker just in time for the Pine Tree Riot's Sestercentennial Celebration the following day, in Weare. The state promises to have the permanent marker ready in a year or so...

Pine Tree Riot Commemoration and Celebration
On the occasion of its 250th anniversary, Town of Weare, April 9, 2022.

'Ebenezer Mudgett & the Pine Tree Riot'
A dramatization of the book by Connie Evans, presented by the Weare Community Theater, Weare, NH, April 9, 2022.

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  1. What an awesome play! I saw the dress rehearsal Friday evening and it was great fun!