Saturday, April 17, 2021

Pine Tree Riot 2021: The Final Celebration

Well, before next year's Sestercentennial, anyway. You're not gonna miss that one, are ya...?

What? Where? The Pine Tree Riot? One of the first acts of rebellion by the American colonists? Yeah, you know Weare. A celebration of the Pine Tree Riot for its 249th anniversary, Weare, NH, 4/17/2021...

Join Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire in commemorating one of the earliest organized acts of American resistance against British tyranny as we celebrate the 249th anniversary of the Pine tree riot which occurred in 1772 in Weare, New Hampshire. Long a symbol of centralized government overreach, the Pine Tree Riot was a testament to the spirit of independence, freedom, and the New Hampshire way of life. Therefore, it is fitting that the celebration of the anniversary of the spark of the American Revolution takes place during the same week as the day Americans are normally forced to hand over their hard earned money to an overgrown federal government.
Today, both the State and Federal government make a habit of increasing the burden on taxpayers by continually growing Washington based programs without any expectation of accountability. We have an incredible opportunity to roll back those burdens, the NH State legislature is considering reforms on taxes in this year's budget. It is up to WE the people, to ensure those in elected office live up to their promises of lifting the weight of government from the backs of the taxpayers.

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Let's raise a very appropriate tankard this day to the very able Ebenezer!

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