Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The devout and desperate prohibitionists have moved on, en masse, from hysterical (in both senses) to downright stupid and aggressively (even scientifically) ignorant: 'We're unfamiliar with the difference between correlation and causation, but we just know what's going on here is the one that supports our cause. Which one is that, again? Oh, and we'd love to see harsher ineffective penalties, please...!'

I feel compelled to ask them: Are you on drugs...?!?

HB1631, "relative to penalties for possession of marijuana," a concept -- decriminalization, a mere ramping down of criminal penalties for possession of a plant while harming no one -- again passed recently by the (Republican, notably -- and still the first legislative body in the country ever to pass 'legalization', btw) NH (where, too, a recent poll found 62% support even for full legalization) House, is again sent to the Senate (where it's ultimately died the 6 previous times since 2008 -- many hearings of which can be found here) Judiciary Committee, 4/5/2016.

It has invariably been torpedoed in the past by (generally the mere threat of) a "Democratic" (uh-huh) governor's veto and an all too reliably accommodating Senate -- "honor among thieves," or "professional courtesy," or something. Will they finally recognize that they're the very last recalcitrant police-state authoritarian Drug-Warrior holdouts in New England, and that they do not represent the will of the people -- to say nothing of the liberty spirit of their authorizing charters? Hey, give 'em a shout and ask 'em...

Remember these servants' defiant recalcitrance come November...

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