Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's Important Enough to Trade Your Freedoms For?

Do you have the right to trade others' freedoms for it, too? Ben Franklin famously warned that "security" wasn't it. So... What?
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win."
It's starting to smell like a fight, isn't it? And since the Free State Project won't even officially land in NH until the 20,000 participants are secured, rather ahead of even the most optimistic schedule, too...

NH state representative Cynthia Chase, fearful of losing something, launched something of a firestorm in December 2012 when she advocated in a comment on NH progressive forum (archived here) that people who disagree with her politically should have their freedoms legislated away (but don't stop there -- there's more gold to be found in that thread...).

Because of that exhibited fear of "the single biggest threat the state is facing today," the Free State Project has received a considerable bump in interest.

Consequently, this day activists express their heartfelt gratitude to Ms Chase with the delivery of a lovely flower arrangement to her at the first meeting of her House committee, Children and Family Law, 1/9/2013.

Here's some press surrounding the brouhaha (your humble chronicler really likes saying "brouhaha"...):


  1. Very interesting overall.
    But a lot is dated there, and many of the links don't work.

  2. Well, it was 6 years ago now, after all. Time tends to march on like that. And I have about as much control over MSM archive curation as I do over "servant" limited government. But add the Wayback Machine Chrome (may be available for others) extension, and broken links are largely a thing of the past... ;-)