Monday, January 21, 2013

"Gun Appreciation Day," Concord, NH

NH state Rep. Al Baldasaro addresses the NH edition of a national rally (AKA "Guns Across America") this day in support of the 2nd Amendment right to self-defense, in front of the NH State House, 1/19/2013.

The referenced state legislative bill, HB135, has its House Criminal Justice Committee hearing this Tuesday, 1/22/2013, at 1:30pm. With sufficient attendance, it should get moved to Representatives' Hall in the State House. Do try to ensure that relocation with your presence, if at all possible.

Next, if you missed this rally (and it was pretty quickly put together, so you can be forgiven), another 2nd Amendment Rally is scheduled for the same location on 1/31/2013 at noon.

Additionally, Free State Project activists take the opportunity to thank Rep. Cynthia Chase for her selfless recruitment efforts.

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