Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The State on Drugs

Opening testimony on HB1251, "permitting off-premises licensees to sell liquor," before the NH House Commerce Committee, 2/7/2012. The intent of the bill is to open up the NH state liquor stores to competition by "allowing" stores that currently sell beer and wine to pay an additional tribute to the state in order to also offer their customers spirits. In other words, opening up nominally free-market competition against the state -- a state that would still maintain a monopoly as the sole (self-)authorized wholesaler, oh just by the way.

I shall not torment you, gentle reader, with the remainder of the hearing. Suffice it to say that the majority of it -- over a half-hour's worth, in an environment where testimony is highly recommended to be limited to no more than 3~5 minutes -- was dominated by the gaseous monopolist liquor commissioners droning -- in 4-part harmony, no less -- the praises of government monopolies. Why you're inherently better off when government makes your decisions for you. The Executive Branch lobbying, as is their wont, the Legislative Branch in opposition to the People. They do it all for you, y'know. Besides, they don't like nasty competition. Just ask 'em...

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