Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Government Accountability Meets Further Resistance

Police-state authoritarians and their enablers prefer operating in the dark, free of external oversight. Even in volatile, potentially deadly, even occasionally unnecessarily (hey, maybe there's a clue in there) intentionally precipitated situations.

Case in point: the entirely predictable law enforcement opposition to HB1651-FN, "requiring the division of state police to equip special weapons and tactics (SWAT) units or teams with tactical cameras," before the NH House Criminal Justice Committee, 2/7/2012. Why is it, exactly, that when government opposes my wishes, I'm the one who's expected to submit?

Just a couple things to consider. First, no, police are not "para-military" units. Not now, not ever. Not in a free country.

Second, if, as asserted, SWAT team members aren't sufficiently competent to learn how to turn on a camera -- and this presupposes that this process wouldn't be automated or automatic or externally controlled, anyway -- how can we possibly expect them to be competent with an arguably much more complex -- not to mention, y'know, deadly -- weapon system? Is the assertion that they are, in actuality, idiot savants...?

Third, eye-witness testimony is getting an increasingly bad scientific reputation. And deservedly so. It doesn't get better when emanating from behind the thin blue line.

Fourth, if pausing 2 or 3 seconds -- and this presupposes that in a very stressful situation, cops are obsessing over a tiny camera (and another example of which could well be pointing at them from across the street, or even closer, regardless) -- could cost them their life, all decked out in body armor as they are, then couldn't not pausing 2 or 3 seconds cost a vulnerable innocent her life? Which of them is in that circumstance willingly?

Let me state this unequivocally. I do not trust "my" government. I demand accountability. This is not negotiable. Not even a little bit.

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