Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The "up" side to a citizen legislature... that literally anyone can be in a position to submit proposed legislation. The "down" side to a citizen legislature is, well, you see where I'm going...

Poor Representative Day. She just can't seem to get any good bills to sponsor. None without significant push-back, anyway. It's OK, though: she's just trying to "be helpful." Why can't these terrible people just let her have her way...?

HB367: relative to procedures for evaluation of home schooled students
HB368: relative to annual goals in a home education program
before the NH House Education Committee, 2/11/2009


  1. Good 'ol Judy Day...crusader for good. Protector of children. Slayer of evil, distrustful parents whose true intent is keep their precious little ones in complete intellectual darkness while they spend their days watching Oprah and eating Pringles.

    The economy has imploded, home values eroded, and jobs vaporized but she is not deterred. With a singularity of purpose unseen since Tipper Gore threw herself on a pike to protect us from the Satanic Influences of the Beach Boys she generates salvific legislation such as HB 70 which prohibits the evil-doers from taking stones from walls; HB 81 to ensure that those infernal smokers cross the street before passing by a playground; and HB 95 so that we can rest easily in the certainty that that every motorcycle now has a tachometer.

    The people of North Hampton must be proud.

  2. OT: Anxiously awaiting an update on today's Executive Session re: HCR6.

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