Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Take: Dereliction of Duty

The NH House State-Federal Relations Committee holds a show tri-- er... an Executive Session on HCR6, on Jeffersonian principles and states' rights, arriving at the recommendation they will send to the full House. 2/12/2009

See the 2/5 public hearing here.

For developing details on the March 4th rally at the NH State House, hit the NH Liberty Alliance.

Also, Rep Itse is scheduled to be a guest on Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel, Friday, 2/13, at 5pm est (video here).

And contact your Representatives, if you're as outraged as I am.


  1. It would be good to ask for the rules that relegate citizens with camera to the back corner.

  2. WTF? I should've waited until morning to find out what happened. I'm to pissed off to go to sleep now.

  3. "live free or die" ?

    very disappointing

  4. Tell me about it...

    We're not done yet though, if the REAL ID battle is any measure.

    March 4th.
    NH State House.
    Be there.

    Oh, and contact your Representatives!

  5. I'm just disgusted that it became a GOP vs. Dems battle the way that it did.

    Had this EXACT SAME resolution been proposed in Berkeley, CA three years ago, it would have passed easily.

    Dereliction of duty - you nailed it.

  6. Bill, I invite you to listen tonight to Rep Comerford on the Plains Radio Network. He will be on with reps from TN and OK this evening at 7:00 EDT

    By the way, I'm from CT and am outraged at the fascist marxist politics by the uber-left of New Hampshire.

  7. Thanks for shooting this video. As HCR6 was designed to straighten out our scumbags in DC, I guess we have some work to do to straighten out elected scumbags right here.

  8. There is a typo in paragraph #3 that should read of "the foregoing Powers" from Art. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 18 U.S. Constitution. Plus WHERE is the 40USC255 acceptance by the Feds to our RSA Ch. 123:1 offer from June 14, 1883? We gave them "Consent" from 1-8-17 U.S. Const., but that it was and is conditional. My e-mail to these Reps went out at 10:40 Am today, Fri. 2/13/09. I can send you a copy. JosephSHaas at hotmail dot com. It's an Art. 32 Petition should this HCR6 fail to pass. Toward a House Rule 36 endorsement for the Speaker to House Rule 4 it to the State-Fed. Relations Committee. Currently the Feds have NO jurisdictional authority in this state!

  9. HEY FOLKS! Sorry for shouting I just wanted to get your attention. Does the New Hampshire Constitution have a recall clause, whereby the electorates can petition for a recall of their state and federal senators and representatives? If your State Constitution allows for this prescription and remedy what are you, the electorates, waiting for? Get those Marxists out of there! Recalls are quite easy and the thugs who canned the HCR6 know it all too well if you guys have the power to recall a legislator. Good day

  10. HCR6 isn't dead yet.
    Some next-level power politics is in the works.
    A *massive* rally is happening March 4th, the day they are likely to vote on the bill.

    It's not just about HCR6 anymore. The rules are about to change.

  11. Those who opposed HCR 6 are traitors. There is nothing else to say. As a veteran who has seen total tyranny up close, I am ashamed to come home to this outrage. I will see you all on March 4.

    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined."