Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Are You Sufficiently Exasperated Yet?

Your humble chronicler certainly knows that he is. Herewith, testimony on HB640, "relative to the penalties for possession of marijuana," before the NH Senate Judiciary Committee, 4/11/2017. "Decrim." Still. Holy hell...

And finally just for the record, if it's somehow possible I haven't said this before, Senators Bradley and Gannon and Chief Crate (who, you might find interesting -- and representing the NH Chiefs of Police Association -- more than merely suggests, at about the 50:15 mark, that if he disagrees with a law -- if THIS law passes -- he, your servant the enforcer, will disobey it -- is this an example of that "discretion" they claim they don't have, right up until they really want it...?), I could not care less about what law enforcement is "prepared to accept" if you paid me handsomely to do so. In a free society, I don't have to. They work for me. If they don't like my instructions, they can find alternate employment -- and preferably something less mind-numbingly authoritarian, more peaceful. You, servant legislators can do likewise. Honor your oaths, protect my liberty, don't overstep the authority I've expressly delegated to you -- like, say, by imposing by force prohibitions the lawful authority for which is nowhere to be found.

Society is rapidly moving beyond the horrifically failed experiment known as prohibition. Catch up or be gone. That's the only decision you have to make.

And for the permanent record ('cuz I have to put this somewhere) -- goes to character, yer honor...

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  1. The NH Chiefs of Police Association makes me so mad I want to spit at them. Apparently, most politicians have learned that their endorsement is no longer necessary. Jeb Bradley has not.