Saturday, February 13, 2016

Transparency (Nor Reading Comprehension) Ain't Popular

I don't know if something changed in Concord's water, or what, but from the newly inoperable IT system (rendering bill tracking all but impossible -- "intentional?" I hear you ask...) to Medicaid Expansion to backsliding on REAL ID and marijuana legalization to..., it's been a rough early legislative session for liberty lovers in NH. Herewith, for example, the House Criminal Justice Committee's resistive public hearing on HB1546, "permitting the audio recording of a public servant performing a public function," 2/12/2016. Already decided by 'Glik' and 'Gericke' and 'Alleman'. And yes, the bill clearly and explicitly modifies the language in the existing statute to require, rather than the current "all parties," "AT LEAST ONE PARTY TO THE COMMUNICATION." So still no "third party" recording. But your servants are bashful, so...

Whose privacy is the -- "at all times accountable," according to Part First Article 8 of the NH Constitution, remember -- government employee protecting if the only other person who can record him is the taxpayer he's currently lying to...?

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