Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rights Over Politics, Patients Over Police

HB1622, "permitting qualifying patients and registered caregivers to cultivate cannabis for therapeutic use" -- the 'home-grow' component that that good liberal Governor Maggie Hassan (successfully) threatened to veto last year (cuz the cops don't like it, y'know, but hey, she's following in that fine NH Democratic 'prohibitionist' tradition so solidly established by John Lynch, so piss off, progressive citizen) -- wends its way through the NH Senate Health & Human Services Committee, 4/8/2014, after winning a veto-proof majority in the House.

The word "cruel" is increasingly openly used -- on the record, even -- by even fairly 'establishment' legislators to describe the concept of the servant state arrogantly presuming to prohibit people in pain from accessing their medicine. Admirable and refreshing a development as that may be, "cruel" is still far too mild an adjective to be applied to those who continue to insist on inserting ostensibly "servant" bureaucrats into the very private and very voluntary doctor-patient relationship. It lets them off the hook far, far too easily.

This is an entirely more appropriate and accurate word: Barbaric. Let that roll around in your mouth for a moment. Barbaric. Yes.

And here's another entirely accurate descriptor: Unauthorized -- as, of course, is 'prohibition' in general. And I honestly could not care less about what the NH Dept of Safety thinks or wants, even if it paid me handsomely to do so (since, y'know, it works for me, too, and it would be my own money it would pay me, anyway). It's a power that's simply not lawfully delegated by the People to this government -- not even for alcohol, not since passage of the 21st Amendment, anyway. Prohibition is illegal.

I don't have the right to make peaceful people's lives more difficult. Nor do you. No, you really don't. Nor, therefore, do we have the right to delegate that non-existent authority to our troublesome servants. Doesn't exist. Not in a free society.

Take back your unalienable natural authority as a free people to run your own peaceful lives. "Allow" others to do the same, and they'll reciprocate. Fair? Call your Senator. Call her "excellency" the "liberal" governor. Make your instructions known. Make them known, too, while you're at it, on HB1625, "relative to penalties for possession of marijuana in the amount of one ounce or less and the cultivation of marijuana plants" -- that's "decrim."

And if your servants don't comply with your instructions, then fire them. Every time. Every gorram time. Just like that. No exceptions. Nor for their now-quivering successors. November's coming...


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