Saturday, December 21, 2013

War On Drugs Simply Turns From Militaristic To Bureaucratic

Well, superficially, anyway...

The Therapeutic Use of Cannabis Advisory Council, established by the NH state legislature this very year via HB573, and signed into law by the governor on 7/23/2013, herewith holds its latest Regular Meeting in the Legislative Office Building, Concord, NH, 12/19/2013. (See the April Senate hearing here.)

Do please note that the ostensible "public member" is not only a government employee, not only a cop, but a police chief. If you've been following this blog, or the issue of NH prohibition in general, you should be painfully aware that law enforcement has a very definite -- and self-serving -- position on rolling back the "War on People Who Use (Some) Drugs"™, even for those in pain. Even for those dying. They're against it. Unequivocally. Suck it up, employer.

In your humble chronicler's opinion, Chief Shagoury (nor any other enforcer) has no business whatsoever claiming to represent "the public" in this matter. He is no less a representative of servant government than is the HHS representative, or those from the State Board of Medicine or the Dept of Safety or the Dept of "Justice" (who, jbtw, is still feverishly searching, as of this writing, for a means to justify the summary execution at a donut shop of an alleged low-level drug dealer in a 'Keystone Kops drug-sting gone horribly wrong' by Weare PD way back in the middle of August). Indeed, he and his kind quite arguably suffer from an even more distinct, documented and transparent conflict of interest than any other member of this council. 'Gosh, we hadn't noticed...'

This is (still) a stacked deck, dear taxpayer. Long live the unconstitutional, ineffective, and profoundly expensive in both blood and treasure (to say nothing of liberties) drug war. Long live the rogue government...

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