Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Redress of Grievance with Weare PD

Well, an honest attempt, anyway. Unfortunately, honor ain't hardly their strong suit. Here's the text of the event, Weare, NH, 4/27/2011:
After repeated attempts to get in touch with the police chief of Weare, NH, the time has come for action. The police of Weare cannot get away with felony arrests of multiple people for recording said public officials.

Join me in a public protest over the actions of these rogue officers and a police chief who has refused to address these serious issues within his department.

If he decides that he would prefer some sort of press conference or public forum, then the event will be changed. But for now plan to show up with video cameras, signs, and all of your charming personalities. The event has been made on a Wednesday, but can be changed to Saturday if enough people make the request. I figured that if it was on a weekday, the chief may be in his office and would not be able to ignore us any longer.

Again let me reiterate Chief Gregory Begin. I would prefer some sort of press conference or public forum. But if you will not get back in contact with me then there is no other course of action but a public rally against the actions of your department.
Short description: When bullies are challenged, they run away and hide. Sometimes then they taunt from the safety of distance. 'Course, these bullies are paid by the taxpayers. Accountability is comin', fellas. Next up: the Board of Selectmen...

UPDATE: Weare police practices protested

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