Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Denying Pain Relief Is Barbaric

(Hey, lookit me! I'm recording public servants in the performance of their duties -- even cops! -- without their permission...!)

Yes, I said barbaric. There is no accurate yet appropriately genteel euphemism. Deal with it. The time of the authoritarian drug warrior must end. Now. Starting with the atrocities committed against those who are suffering. Civil liberties, human rights and self-ownership must be restored. Government as servant, not master. If we make any claim to being a civilized -- let alone free -- society, we must stop forcing our fellows to live in misery for our own ostensibly "high ideals." "Misguided" doesn't remotely begin to cover it. You. Mind your own goddamn business, and "allow" your neighbor to mind his. In return, he'll do the same for you. What a concept.

Two years ago, the NH legislature finally did the right thing, with HB648. They almost even did it twice, but the Senate couldn't quite muster sufficient basic humanity to override Gov. Lynch's promised callous, soulless veto -- of a bill he effectively wrote. When Democrats can't be counted on for even drug reform, I am left wondering what at all they might still be good for.

So this year, the NH legislature -- now under theoretically veto-proof GOP control -- is taking another whack at compassion with HB442, 'relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.' Mind you, it's said to be the most restrictive such legislation in the country, so it's hardly something over which to get overly excited, other than as a start. But if the only reason they finally pass medical marijuana is to put it to the castrated lame duck in the corner office, well, I can live with that.

Can Lynch live with the damage he's done to peaceful, pain-ridden lives? Can't really say I care. Or hope he can, to be honest. There really need to be more consequences for arbitrarily screwing with people, making their painful lives even more difficult, particularly for mere venal political calculation. John, you should experience a little of those shoes. Hey, as Captain Mal Reynolds says, "Mercy is the mark of a great man. Guess I'm just a good man. Well, I'm all right..." (at about 8:40)

Anyway, so here's testimony before the NH House Health & Human Services Committee, 3/1/2011.

And here, the hearing's culminating testimony from Clayton Holton. Actually, I know you're willing, Governor. I just want to hear you say it to his face...

And in the interest of equal time -- 'cause every opinion is equally valid, right...? -- law enforcement's position can, as always (so you don't have to bother slogging through the hearing), be summed up by the following tried-&-true, peer-reviewed scientific analysis.

So, to recap...
Law enforcement: opposed.
Citizenry: in favor.
Reason, federalism, liberty, Constitution: in favor.

Who works for whom here? Who's the boss of you? Can ya tell I'm gettin' really tired of this tyrannical shyte...?

EDIT: 'Why Would Anyone Object to Government Monitoring of Pain Treatment?'


  1. Oh wow! Reefer madness on Youtube! I can't possibly watch it unless I'm high - and oh yeah! It's not legal here! Seriously, though - I can't even imagine a republican legislature passing that bill - even if it is the most restrictive in the country.

    I just visited a friend and reviewed her library on growing and cooking with it. She was attempting to get a medical clearance where she lives, as a prelude to setting up a commercial grower's license - she needed a patient on the Board of Directors, so she figured it was easier to get on the list herself. Has never smoked the stuff.

  2. You've been Slashdot'd, dude.

    Expect publicity up the wazoo now!

    Would you like some moral support at your April 5th court date? I'll come...

  3. Heh, yeah, it would have been cooler without the attempted thuggish-state-imposed-life-altering-aggression attached, but whatteryagonnado. I hadn't seen the Techdirt story yet. Thanks...

    Absolutely. If you can make it, support is always greatly appreciated. We be community. Thanks, man.

  4. Yeah, Slashdot can be over-the-top.

    Can you tell me the time & address for your April 5th hearing?

    Sorry to hear that Cop Asshole was reelected. I hope the Feds investigate him for corruption. He really, really deserves the legal trouble; you don't.

  5. 8:15am, they tell me.


    (Judge Lawrence, btw, has become so frustrated with Weare PD that he's had to recuse himself from hearing their cases)