Friday, August 20, 2010

'Constitution Ride Across America' Hits Concord

The 'Constitution Ride Across America,' with driving force Daren Gardner, motors into Concord, NH, 8/19/2010, for its eighth stop, spreading "the word that the constitution still matters and that you can do something about it," by delivering copies of the US Constitution to state Representatives in the "lower 48." Well, to the ones who are interested, anyway...

We met up with Daren at Riley's in Hooksett to escort him to the NH State House for the rally. If you couldn't make it, you can relive the 25-minute ride right here in 7 minutes.


  1. Holy cow I just saw your Ayotte "forget prisoner" video and am posting it to my blog today. You should post mine you have full express permission with attribution.

    Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People

    PS: I ride a 650R and we changed parking rules in Boston

  2. Shiny. I shall forward your Ayotte intel to movers-and-shakers. You caught my post regarding, right? };-> 'Course, best case is that that site won't be of much (immediate) use after next Tuesday... Ride safe, man.