Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Stab at NH Sovereignty

The NH House State-Federal Relations Committee hears public testimony on HB1343, "establishing a joint committee on the constitutionality of acts, orders, laws, statutes, regulations, and rules of the government of the United States of America in order to protect state sovereignty," sponsored by the bipartisan team of Reps. Dan Itse, Paul Ingbreton, Tim Comerford, and Kris Roberts. It's popularly known as "Son of HCR6," last year's "NH sovereignty bill," regarding which, much video and commentary can be found elsewhere on this blog.

This is the sort of intended state-level deliberate and binding oversight of federal shenanigans that the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution utterly obliterated. It would be glorious to royally piss off the feds by establishing an end-around. The federal government was never intended to be the judge of the limits of its own authority. That is the domain of the states that created it. Eventually, one way or another, it's gonna be restored. Only a matter of time...

Federalist Paper 41, which Rep. Itse mentions, can be found, among other places, here.

First, of course, the spicy appetizer...

And the full hearing...


  1. The 1st video didn't completely play but the 2nd one did. They appear to be similar.

    Who are the speakers?

    Very impressive!

  2. The first is a 10-minute YouTube highlight reel from the second, the full 33-minute hearing posted on

    The first begins with an outtake of Rep Fields, and then sponsor Rep Dan Itse introducing the bill.

    The second features Rep Itse, then co-sponsor Rep Kris Roberts, with questions from Committee members interspersed.