Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RKBA Takes on the NH House. Again.

The NH House joint Legislative Administration and Criminal Justice Committees hear testimony on HB1654, relative to state house security, essentially codifying into actual law the recent decision of 8 timid yet arrogant authoritarian Leviathan-enablers on the Joint Committee on Legislative Facilities, to ban "weapons" in the People's house. By the tenants. 1/11/2010.

What we are treated to are three sponsors blithely unacquainted with the concept of cognitive dissonance. Then three solid, uninterrupted (although often electronically unintelligible, unfortunately) hours of opposition.

But first, some appetizers. From the hearing, here's your latest YouTube hero. UNH student, honorably discharged Marine Sergeant Andrew Cullen, from Fremont, NH. I wish I'd caught the dramatic shedding of his overcoat to reveal his uniform as he stood. You can hear the murmurs ripple through the room. (And remember kids, applause is a no-no. No biscuit next time...)

And by special request, Rep. Jenn Coffey. But we lead off with some shock video. Bill co-sponsor, the horror show that is micromanaging, Utopian nanny-stater Rep. Judith Day. You remember her, right? The legislator who's never seen a piece of liberty-sapping legislation she didn't drool over, ever confused as to why anyone would oppose her meddling in their lives. Her determination would almost be cute, in a revolting sort of way, if her anti-Constitutional collectivist opinions didn't potentially carry the force of law. Are her constituents paying attention?

Then, at about 4:30pm, the Criminal Justice Committee finally gets around to hearing the philosophical twin, HB1635, prohibiting the open carrying of a firearm in a public building. Or "place." Like parking lots. Or hunting forests. Or roads. 'Cause, you know, it's only scary if they can see it. And the right to feel safe shall not be infringed, an' all. Nevermind that, as we all know, guns can do nothing but make you unsafe...

Anyway, mostly the same arguments, being essentially the same unconstitutional crap, which was fortunate given that battery life and recording media were rapidly reaching their usable extents. Here, then, is attorney Penny Dean's testimony highlighting only a few of the likely unintended (but not to be claimed unforeseen now, fortunately) consequences.

Now on with the full show, HB1654

Part 1

Part 2



  1. By the way, if NH doesn't watch themselves, what is going on in Texas could happen. If it does, KISS THE CONSTITUTION GOOD-BYE!



  2. Did you ever get the transcript from Marine Sergeant Andrew Cullen?

  3. Yup, he sent it to me (while we were still in the hearing -- ya gotta love smartphones...). It's in the description for the video on YouTube. But here it is, as he supplied it:

    "I regret I am unable to speak so eloquently or respectfully as my representatives or fellow citizens. Not one of us should be here but the citizenry does not trust you to fulfill your obligation to uphold the natural rights of the free peoples of nh. I am saddened today because of this.

    You have the opportunity to reestablish nh as a free state. Conversely you have the opportunity to drive another nail into coffin of the nh constitution the choice is simple.

    I and my brothers in arms in this room did not survive fire and death of foreign battlefields to return home to face treason. Rest assured it is not an antiquated term, it is before you in black and white. This bill is contrary to our constitutions and you will be held accountable for your decisions today. Will it be for peace or do you declare war on the free peoples of new hampshire?"

  4. I am now actively promoting this video. Hoping someone will pick it up and add subtitles.

    Please vote it up over at Freedom Watch's upcoming story queue: http://is.gd/6xNKb

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