Sunday, December 13, 2009

NHLA Bill Review Training

Every year, the NH Liberty Alliance tackles the monumental task of analyzing and rating each and every bill submitted to the NH legislature, in preparation for advocacy efforts in and around the halls of power, as well as rating our "representatives" based on their voting records. To that end, each year new volunteers need to be brought up to speed with the process, and old hands need to be apprised of any improvements to the ever-evolving rating software. Herewith, this year's first effort, 12/12/2009, with over 2 dozen in attendance, as an introduction to the process.

Anyone, anywhere can participate in the bill review process. If challenging NH state government's interpretive monopoly on legislative voodoo sounds intriguing to you, visit the NHLA website and get involved.




  1. Combining this with your previous post... Perhaps these bills can be reviewed while high? Might be the only way to make sense of some of them...

  2. Heh. You just may be on to something, there, Julius...

  3. Bill, this is great! Thank you very much for posting these vids.
    I just received a request from Tennessee from someone who wants to be a Bill Reviewer but doesn't know where to start. The answer is, "Start here -- with Bill's video training!"