Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Subversive Government

Lead by Rep Paul Ingbretson and Rep Dan Itse, the NH House ad hoc committee on Redress of Grievance, attempting to restore that moribund Constitutional mandate (Part First, Article 31) to the NH legislature (an odyssey begun last year with HB1543), commences "listening sessions" in a storefront across Main St from State House grounds, in defiance of the wishes of House leadership, 6/9/2009.

Yes, the legislators, attempting to do the People's business as directed in the State's charter, were denied access to government facilities. Apparently Speaker Norelli has an issue with direct accountability to citizens wronged by their government. Or perhaps she simply considers such citizens to be necessary and acceptable collateral damage in her political machinations. I guess you'd have to ask her...

Previous posts on Redress of Grievance are here, here, here and here (the afternoon session of which was the first time Adventures in the Free State met David Johnson).

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